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Hey There.


What's "Dilanka's List" and why should you sign up?

Well, I'll tell you what it is - then you can decide if it's right for you.

Most of my good friends are on Dilanka's List and having everyone in one central place helps with staying up to date about upcoming events, projects and other random fun stuff.

Quite simply, this is my way of staying in touch. I find that this is the most effective way to stay in touch long-term compared to other standard methods.

If you know me in any capacity, join in on the conversation by signing-up below.

Here are several more reasons to sign up:

1. You will rarely get any emails from me

2. You will be the first to know when things come up.

3. Your email will be private  --- I hate spammers more than you do.

4. Average IQ of Dilanka's List: 180 (seriously)

5. Change your mind? Unsubscribe with just one click and I'll be out of your life in seconds.

Go Ahead.

Give it a shot.



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